What changed from yesterday’s strong showing to today’s awful performance?  We are starting to see the negative effects of central bank interest rate increases downstream as well as the recent hawkish comments from various Fed officials. We are hearing similar comments from the heads of central banks in the E.U., England and Canada. It should be reiterated that nothing ends bull markets like higher interest rates going into a slowing economy.

Today was a down day for all of the major indices: The DOW lost 167 points, the S&P 500 dropped 20, and the NASDAQ plummeted 90 points or nearly 1.5%. The DOW actually began higher with a gain of 33 points on the strength in banks due to the passing of stress tests from the Fed. These passing grades could allow them to raise interest rates with greater ease. In addition, the energy stocks went a little higher for the sixth straight day of higher crude prices, now up to $44.87.

The NASDAQ never had a chance in today’s session, as it opened lower by 17 points after yesterday’s best showing of the year. It cratered down to a huge decline of 147 at 1:30 PM, at which time the DOW also collapsed to a 257 point shellacking. From these low points, they stabilized as they headed into the closing bell.

Breadth numbers were very negative at a 1 to 4 downside ratio. The VIX made massive gains to as high as 15 on the panic selling…but calmed down to close at 11.44 today.

Bond yields were up to 2.27%, an astounding rise from Monday when it was at a yearly low of 2.13%. The Euro was up to 1.143 for the highest price in more than a year. The Japanese yen weakened at 111.9. Gold was a little lower at $1,247 showing its upside is limited due to the higher interest rates that have appeared this week. Crude oil enjoyed its sixth straight daily gain.

This was the third straight day for the NASDAQ to move in excess of 1%…one higher and two lower. It may not rise up to 6198 tomorrow which would mean that its seven-month consecutive winning streak is about to come to an end.

Donald M. Selkin,

Chief Market Strategist

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