After yesterday’s collapse of 468 Dow points in the last hour and forty-five minutes, the bearish crowd felt more emboldened and this resulted in lower stock index futures trading in the evening and early morning hours. Someone received the booby prize of selling the Dow futures 220 points worse than where they had closed.

As the morning moved closer to the opening here, the various stock index futures moved up from those lows and gave a positive indication for today’s opening.  Markets did opened high and the result was a DOW that gained as much as 358 points by noon, then closed the day 164 points higher.  The S&P 500 index added 2 points today and the NASDAQ dropped 8 points.

The Dow was led by CAT, 3M and UTX, which are all industrial issues. The NASDAQ was hindered by NFLX and GOOG selling off as well as PCLN.

Breadth numbers were positive at a 19/12 upside ratio and the VIX fell to 18.72, losing 1.30.

Bond yields were lower than yesterday’s rise in the 10-year Treasury which today finished at 2.91%. The dollar weakened again with the Euro at 1.232 and the Japanese yen is at 106.75. Gold idled at 1,332 an ounce and crude oil gained 1 to $62.69 a barrel.

Bond yields cooled off a bit when St. Louis Fed President Bullard said that “four rate hikes this year seems like a lot.” This statement was a contributor to higher stock prices this morning.

Donald M. Selkin

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