The F.O.M.C. released the minutes of its February meeting. The minutes revealed what everyone figured: no rate hike is expected. They said that “measures of consumer and business sentiment have improved lately; there is moderate economic growth along with some further strengthening in the labor market; there has been a move to their target of 2% inflation”. This is evidenced by the 1.7% advance in the core CPI in 2016.

Today’s market basically didn’t know what it wanted to do. It fluctuated in narrow ranges ahead of tonight’s earnings report from AMZN and tomorrow’s important non-farm payroll report. The DOW and the NASDAQ each lost 6 points today while the S&P 500 eked out a 1 point gain.  

Today’s weekly jobless claims declined by 16,000 down to 246,000 but this is not the survey week that will be used for tomorrow’s jobs number.

The Holy Grail of FB was actually lower today after its strong report. It traded higher all last evening and early this morning. So what happened? The good news was already discounted in the stock as it made new all-time highs ahead of its report. In addition, there is always the interest in punishing those who bought options ahead of an earnings report, particularly the upside calls as we have already seen with NFLX and GOOG. Other stocks moving on earnings to the downside were DB, RL, R, CRUS and JCI. On the upward swing were CTXS and PM.

Breadth numbers were slightly positive at a 16/15 upside ratio and the VIX was up 1% to 11.93. Bond yields were lower with the 10-year now at 2.45% due to the ongoing fears of the President’s protectionist leanings which might lead to trade wars. The dollar is lower again to a seven-week low. The Euro was up to 1.078. Gold fell to $1,216 an ounce. Crude oil climbed to $53.81 a barrel which is near the top end of its recent range. 

All eyes will be on tomorrow’s jobs report. If it comes out too high…near what ADP said yesterday at 246,000…this could be negative for the markets. It would show that the Fed could be more aggressive in raising rates making the dollar stronger again…thereby hurting the multinationals. A number that comes in far below the 175,000 consensus might show that the economic recovery has hit an upside wall. Stay tuned.

Donald M. Selkin

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