Financial Services & Investments

1. Investments for individuals, companies, trusts, and charities. Licenses: Certified Financial Planner, Registered Investment Advisor, Insurance Broker. We use individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, certificates of deposit, real estate investment trusts, initial public offerings, structured settlements, and alternative investments for accredited investors. Automated or “robo-investment” advisory services are offered through Schwab’s Intelligent Portfolios. Impact investments are available that encompass environmental, social and governance (ESG).

2. Retirement Plan proposal, design and implementation. Blueprint and design, set-up, investment management, regular monitoring and participant meetings. We consult with third party administrators, actuaries, and other qualified plan professionals. Types of plans include 401K, Profit Sharing, 403B, IRA, Defined Benefit, Money Purchase, Sep-IRA, Roth-IRA, Simple IRA, Welfare Benefit, ESOP, and Deferred Compensation.

3. Life, Health, Disability Insurance and Annuities for individuals and companies. Buy-Sell agreements, Key-person coverage, Owner-Succession plans, Estate Tax insurance policies, Annuities, Income replacement and Family Protection policies.

4. Trusts, Wills, Foundations. Data gathering, organization, meetings with attorneys, consultation, general design and asset transfer assistance.  We consult with Trust, Family Law, and Tax attorneys. Legal documents are prepared by independent lawyers.

5. Tax Reduction. General information to minimize taxes on capital gains, income, and estate taxes. We consult with CPAs, attorneys and tax professionals. Tax returns are prepared by independent accountants and CPAs.


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