Money Stories By Mitch Fisher

Simple Ways to Help You Manage and Invest Your Money
Money Stories is a down-to-earth guide to managing and investing money. Personal anecdotes, cautionary tales, and stories of failure and success from a money manager with more than forty years of experience enliven it. With an engaging and confident tone, the author offers you insights, techniques, and portrayals of the business of money management. You will be inspired to adopt these simple ways to make your money grow and how to protect it.
Money Stories gives you an inside look at just about everything—from stock tips, saving for college, buying real estate, planning your retirement, and making good investments to putting your affairs in order and selecting a financial advisor. It is both an informative and entertaining resource for all who turn these pages.

About The Author

Mitch Fisher was born April 12, 1950, in Los Angeles. He graduated from Inglewood High School in 1968 and earned his bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College (known then as Claremont Men’s College) in 1972.

He played professional basketball abroad and owned two international businesses. He began his career in financial services in 1974. 

Mitch has been the acting president of Pacific Sun Financial Corporation since starting the company in 1983. He is the founding member and former chairman of Saddleback Memorial Hospital Foundation BAC.

Mitch’s clients are engineers, doctors, lawyers, retirees, teachers, and business owners. He has worked with famous clients: Oscar winning actors, producers, and photographers, Grammy winning musicians, and artists with paintings in national museums.

Mitch is married with three children and three grandchildren. He lives in Southern California and Kauai.


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