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For 45 years, I have been helping clients invest their money and protect their assets. The main focus of our company is to improve the quality of life for our clients so that they can spend more time enjoying their loved ones, having fun, and contributing to the community. I would like to show you how to increase your net worth with time-tested investment techniques and save taxes, too. Our asset allocations are customized and tailor-made for each client. We take into account your time frame, investment objectives, values, and tolerance for risk.

The 21st Century offers us a variety of ways to preserve and to grow the trillions of dollars traveling between generations. In concert with your legal and tax advisors, we can assist you in implementing strategies to reduce your taxes on income and appreciated assets by using tax-advantaged techniques and special trusts.

It is truly an exciting time for our clients and for the financial world. Our economy has recovered since the recent Recession that affected all of us. The equity markets have increased in value significantly since then. This is an incredible age of changing technology with an abundance of instant information along with medical breakthroughs that extend our lives. The new wealth of Zuckerberg, Jobs, Page, Brin, Buffet, and Gates, as well as the old money of the Rockefellers, Mellons, and Carnegies have many investment designs and tax strategies in common. The financial plans of these billionaires can provide us with blueprints. Our investment philosophy at Pacific Sun Financial has been constructed using many of these models and ideas. Our money management techniques incorporate a balanced approach that we have found to be very successful over time. Let us work together with you to find and to secure your financial future.

Today’s the day,

Mitch Fisher, CFP



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