Estate Planning Services

1. Regular Reviews. We intend to provide services that include quarterly or semi-annual client reviews, conferences with your attorney, accountant and/or other advisors. We regularly update your assets and liabilities and review changes in your personal and family circumstances.

2. Coordinate with advisors. We can moderate and coordinate with your other advisors for the funding and documentation of your estate planning documents. We schedule periodic meetings to review the Trustees, Executors, Beneficiaries, and Guardians of your estate.

3.  Documentation. Documents that are usually included for review include Living Trusts, Gift Trusts, Wills, Durable Powers of Asset Management and Health Care, Generation Skipping Provisions, and Asset Transfers.

4.  Wealth transfer methods. In addition, the following areas of wealth transfer and asset protection can be discussed and implemented using an attorney if applicable: Gift and Insurance Trusts, Family Partnerships, Grantor and Personal Residence Trusts, Charitable Trusts and Foundations.

5.  Tax saving techniques. General tax savings concepts and methods relating to the sale of a business or real property are a part of our asset protection service.



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