Pac Sun Reports

Pacific Sun Report – October 2022

Calm Waters or Waterfalls Ahead The Federal Reserve Board keeps trying to reduce inflation by raising interest rates again and again. The results thus far have caused shock waves. These waves are careening us down river rapids as we watch our financial markets fall...

Pacific Sun Report – Welcome 2023

Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023! Inflation was up, financial markets were down, a war in Ukraine, natural disasters, mass shootings, political divisiveness at home and abroad, even a baby formula shortage…all contributed to tough times last year. On the positive side, COVID...

Pac Sun Report – July 5, 2022

Feeling Poorer Today + Mr. Wonderful  Are you feeling poorer these days? Are your eyes opening wider in disbelief at the gas pump?  Maybe you just finished your market shopping and didn’t have much in the bags to show for what you paid. Perhaps you’ve heard the words...

Pac Sun Report – February 2022

Have you ever flown into the Phoenix airport on a hot day? If you have, you know that just before landing the excessive hot air makes for a bouncy and shaky approach. Passengers can become nervous and uncomfortable if they don’t know what’s coming. However, good...

Pac Sun Report April 2021

It has been one year since the “lockdown” in 2020. We should feel the pain of those who have died, or those who have suffered, or those who have been out of work. In many ways, it has also been a remarkably positive twelve months. With the anticipation and arrival of...


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