After 22 years, we’re moving our offices! Pacific Sun Financial Corp will now be in two primary workplaces: Orange County and Los Angeles. We are keeping our same phone numbers and emails for now. Here are the new locations:

Orange County: 28202 Cabot Road #300, Laguna Niguel, CA. 92677

Los Angeles: 10940 Wilshire Blvd #1450, Los Angeles, CA 90024

A quick note to our concerned and perhaps unsettled clients regarding the market’s recent crash:

We feel the pain of this decline too…but we also have found that sticking with a good investment plan will result in positive results. Our focus with your investments is on American business and real estate. These two sectors consistently increase in value over time. Real estate and stocks have generally outperformed all the other asset classes in the long-term. If you’re losing sleep or constantly worried, please feel free to contact us for some perspective and reassurance.

If you just started out with us, our investment strategy is strong and time-tested. Please turn off the “let’s see if we can scare you even more” news and media. Try to be patient and remember your long-term goals, especially if you will not need the funds for many years. A solid investment strategy will not break with a few months of market declines. You can also speak with our long-term clients who have been through these negative cycles and come out with profits and smiles.

Yes…our economy has major issues: inflation, high gas prices, a war in the Ukraine. We don’t want to ignore these problems, but these are temporary. Our experience has been that good investments in American business and real estate will grow better over time than any other asset class we know.

If you’d like some more particulars on our current financial conditions to reduce stress, remember: 

1) Spending by consumers and business is healthy,

2) COVID protocols are in place, normalcy is returning,

3) China’s supply chain problem is not permanent,

4) Real estate values remain on the rise and

5) Employment is strong.

Buy low, sell high,

Mitch Fisher & Ryan Fisher